We know how to take care of your stove and chimney, do you?

Things to keep in mind when using a stove

A lot of us might not be aware of all responsibilities that comes with a stove installation such as “How often do I need to have the chimney swept?”,“Do I have all required alarms installed?” Consequences of not knowing the answers to these questions can lead to serious problems, but do not worry – we at Chalk Farm Stoves see it as our duty to make sure that all our customers know these answers and all other questions they may have. We have listed some key points in the blog post below:

Alarms: Believe it or not, fire alarms continue to save many lives each year. Our duty as a stove supplier and fitter, is to make sure all customers are aware of the importance of a working fire alarm that can detect fire and smoke at early stages. Carbon Monoxide detector is another essential alarm every stove owner is required to have and we highly recommend checking your alarms on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly.

Fuel: What sort of fuel should I use for my stove? This is something to bear in mind when choosing a stove, as specialists in the industry we make sure this is one of the first things our customers will know before they choose a stove. However, there are some points that are good to know:

  • It is advised that wood should be seasoned for 18 months for optimal heating and all firewood needs to be dry and split to ease the burning process.

Some firewood makes more ash than others and to prevent any damages to your chimney and your property it is important to have your chimney swept frequently. To ensure that your chimney is swept often enough we do advise you to contact your local Chimney Sweep.

Time should be taken over deciding which stove is right for you and your property. Once you have made the right decision you can truly enjoy the lovely atmosphere that the stove brings to your room.

Woodwarm Fireview 6 Double sided  / double depth. 10kw multi fuel stove  

Woodwarm Fireview 6 Double sided / double depth. 10kw multi fuel stove  


Energy Efficency label.png



What if someone would tell you that it’s easy to purchase a stove? Well from the 1st of January 2018, it will be much easier to do so, as all stoves will have to be displayed with an energy label. Most new stoves will be labelled with A or A+, just like any other domestic appliances.

As within any market, the quality of the stoves are better than ever and we are proud suppliers of some of the top quality stoves on the English and the European market. People are often astonished that a new stove can actually be over 65% more efficient compared to a 10-year-old stove and up to 80% more efficient than an open fireplace. It is important to know this as you can save a lot on having a new stove installed to your house. More importantly, did you know that by choosing a wood burning stove you will make a lot more carbon savings, instead of using gas or oil as a heating source?

Despite this, a lot of us still might think that purchasing a stove is a long expensive process, but this is not always the case. With our extensive experience within the stove business, we at Chalk Farm stoves and TMRS Stove Fitting are able to advise you on the best options that will suit your needs. We are also pleased to announce our latest team member MV Decora who has been in the building business for over 10 years.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Everyone loves the warmth and features offered by a wood stove.  In our eagerness to enjoy our new wood stove we can forget some basic things. 

Knowing the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning is critical to the health and well-being of you and your family.  Here are some tips to help keep you and your family safe.

  1. Ensure you have adequate ventilation if required by your stove.
  2. Regular sweeping should be carried out on all appliances. Once a year minimum.
  3. Fireplaces with stoves should be kept clean and free from combustible objects.
  4. Carbon monoxide detector must be in the same room as the appliance.
  5. Test your carbon monoxide detector regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.

You can get good quality carbon monoxide detectors from Chalk Farm Stoves at their Norfolk showroom.

carbonmonoxide detector.jpg