Choosing Your First Wood Stove

There is nothing like the feeling you get with a wood stove in the centre of your family living room, especially in the more wintry months.  Taking a little time to consider the various types of stoves options out there will pay dividends before you commit yourself.

Here are some tips for those shopping for wood stoves.

  1. Consider the size of your room and ensure your wood stove proportions complement the space.
  2. Research any stove you are considering before you buy.
  3. Try to have a demonstration of any stove you are considering.
  4. Consider whether you would you like a dual fuel option?
  5. When setting your budget, remember a wood stove is a long term investment and quality lasts.

The Chalk Farm Stoves Norfolk show room always has a working stove on display so you can really see why you would want to have one in your home.

various stoves 1200x600.jpg