Q: What is your internet policy?

A: Chalk Farm Stoves strongly supports an anti-internet policy. All of our stove must be collected from the shop by the customer or by a HETAS qualified fitter.


Q: What is the danger of buying off the internet?

A: We have had many people in our shop telling about the problems they have had buying online, including missing parts and wrong sized connections.  They have experienced problems getting things sorted out from the online companies.

People have also had problems getting a fitter, as many are connected to shops and will not fit online stoves because of the above reasons. Any that do fit these stoves will probably charge extra to allow for problems. This needs to calculated into the overall cost.


Q: What's the advantages of a shop experience?

A: Viewing stoves working and seeing how the grates and handles perform is important. Quality of these product needs to be seen in the shop. It is worth a visit.


Q: Where can I find out more?

A: Woodwarm, one of our manufacturers, has a strict no-internet sales policy. You can read up on their thoughts at their website.